About Anne Kanno:


Full of Energy and like to Work Fast. It’s not easy for me to sit down and go slow without feeling like I might get caught catching my breath. (I must have been caught in a past lifetime!) But when I slow down, I’m still working in my brain. The older I get, I realize I don’t need to work so fast, and slow is all right by me. Depending on what you need, I can deliver. I’m actually a Zen kind of person. I attained Self Realization in the Fall, 2015, thanks to the amazing coaching of a few Ascended Masters, Tobias, Adamus St. Germaine and Kuthumi La Sihgne. (Btw, I’m also certified in healing therapies.)

I am an Entrepreneur at heart. In middle school (and maybe even elementary school), I sold things that I made, door to door…like macrame hanging potted plant holders, macrame necklaces, satin flowers and scented sachets for drawers. I was also a sought after babysitter since I was active with the kids and cleaned up the kitchen, too. I loved to cook and clean as a young person and kept the house “in business” for our family of six. I instigated landscaping projects and even a kitchen remodel. In high school I also catered some dinner parties and a backyard wedding.

My first “real job” was at my parent’s gift shops (they sold jewelry, books and gifts). At age 15, I started working for a kitchen store,
The Epicurean. My boss, Judy, loved how I cleaned up the placemat “wall” on my second day of work. I was the “go to” display person for anything new that arrived because the store was so crowded and the adult workers didn’t know where to put things.

I really wanted to go to cooking school instead of college. However, I was a little scared to go so far from home, and my parents kind of wanted me to go to school where my sister was. So I went to Texas A&M and eventually changed my major from Environmental Design to Physical Education. (I would have studied Interior Design, but it was not offered.) I made good grades, but I felt intimidated by some seniors in the ED/Architecture department. I was a distance runner at the time and loved how exercise made me feel, so that’s what I chose. I did an intern at the globally recognized Institute for Aerobics Research in Dallas.

After college I ended up working for the Japan National Tourist Organization for 3 years. A job I landed through a referral. I had been to Japan as a college student, and a lady whom I had taught English to during my non-paying Intern job opened the door to me.

I ended up moving to Japan and had a busy life there as a wife, mother, English Teacher and Aerobics Instructor. While there, in 2001, I had a near death experience and realized I needed to deal with some things that I had pushed deep down in my life, namely self worth issues. I knew I needed to heal and ultimately love myself. That led to some major changes in my life, and still does to this day.

In 2004, I was working on an academic literary project that I never expected to work on. (This is the website.) About six months before the project, I started a new business as a Professional Organizer and soon after, a Home Stager (I’m good with my hands and making things look pretty. I’m as good or better than any Interior Designer!) and Personal Assistant.

I’m looking for a job that is a great fit for me. I’d also like to work with people who are supportive and kind. Usually employers and clients love me!(Sometimes not at first, but then they change their mind! This is because I’m kind of forthright and some people don’t like that or misinterpret that.) Believe me, I always have the best in mind for my clients and employers! I can do almost anything. For complex things, I especially like working together as a team with my client and having the freedom to ask questions and get the information I need, for example, when streamlining spreadsheets or creating super user friendly manuals, which are continuously improved, added to and updated over time. No matter what, though, I am on top of things and anticipating my employer’s every need.

I’m a quiet, discreet person, unless I’m answering phones and/or working with people on something, or vacuuming! If you want me to be more talkative, I can do that. Just initiate or let me know.

Writing this much personal information about myself is highly unusual for me, but I want to be open, so you know who I am.

Just because something is not on my resume, doesn’t mean I can’t handle it or haven’t done something similar. Please feel free to ask.

Three words that best describe me in the workplace: Multi-Tasker, Versatile and Kind.

A quick list of things about me:

Self Starter & Multi-Tasker
Creative & Hands-On
Big Picture & Detail Oriented
Highly Responsible & Efficient
Mac Platform, Comfortable with PC
Not afraid of New Technology
Eye for Design, Professional Organizer
Careful & Considerate
Problem Solver
Intuitive & Aware
Team Player
Easily Stay on Task, Mature
Editor & Writer
Ethical & Honest
On Time & Respectful


Professional Organizer, Personal Assistant, Home Stager 2004-Current

Professional Organizing - Make spaces Organized and Aesthetically Pleasing
Detailed Cleaning, Car Detailing, Furniture Care, Polishing Silver, Copper, Brass, Washing Crystal & China, Fine Art Care, Ironing
Personal Assistant - Shopping & Errands, Groceries and Meal Prep, Medical Appointments
Scheduling, Coordinating, Planning, Special Requests, Trouble Shooting
Flower Arranging, Gardening, Outdoor Work, Pet Care - Dog walking, Taking to Groomers, Vet, Administering Meds
Document Creation, Online Research, Online Purchasing, Bill Paying, Accounting
Technical Assistance, Misc Admin, Misc Projects, Travel Planning including Packing, Car Maintenance, Fill Up
Home Staging - Rearrange furniture and accessories, Declutter

Editor, Independent Researcher & Author, 2004-Current

Discovered a Standard Writing Technique that was used for thousands of years
Edit Ancient, Classical and Biblical texts to show the Literary Structure
Self Published, Author of 9 books about
How the Bible Was Written
Created the parableblueprint.com website using Rapidweaver
Literary Structure of the Torah at the Society of Biblical Literature in Seoul, Korea 2016
Presented papers,
Literary Structure of Hebrew Poetry & Allusions to Literary Structure at an academic conference in Helsinki, Finland 2018
Currently working on
Meteorology, by Aristotle and Daniel and Ezekiel in the Bible

Part Time First Checker at a Family Owned Drug Store 2018-2019

Provided Customer service Excellence by cheerfully and Quickly getting customers through Check-Out
Priced & Merchandised Products, Counted Cash Drawer and end of day
Offered and Provided assistance to shoppers that Consistently Exceeded Expectations
Connected with customers entering and leaving

Part Time Program Assistant at a Memory Care Facility 2018

Led Chair Exercise Classes, Read Short Stories, Told Jokes
Made rounds Interacting with Residents One on One, often Exceeding Expectations
Gathered and Assisted Residents with Activities such as Music, Crafts, Bingo and Puzzles
Took Residents on Walks Outdoors, which was often the Best Part of Their Day!

Personal Assistant/Office Manager for a Construction, Real Estate & Property Management Office 2014-2015

Kept Home Office running Smoothly and Efficiently, including caring for 4 Dogs
Property Visits to Make Sure everything was fine, Assisted with Problem Resolution
Wrote Payroll checks, Handled Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable
Kept home office Clean and Organized, cleaned Vacant Properties for Returning Homeowners
Made deposits, Created Invoices, Worked on Spreadsheets
Kept owner Current with Daily happenings and Weekly Financials

Personal Assistant to Two Executives in their Home 2010-2011

Daily Online Research, Helped hire Nanny, Pet Care, including Groomer visits, Vet Visits and Rehoming
Travel Preparation - Ticketing, Packing Suitcases, Driving to Airport
Scheduled, Managed & Paid Vendors - Landscapers, Housekeeping, Electrician, Personal Trainer
Planned weekly Meal Menu, Party & Event Prep
Personal Shopping for all food and drink, household items, birthday and Christmas gifts
Various projects, such as soundproofing a room for a recording studio
Created documents, Recorded expenses on spreadsheets for the accountant
Took vehicle in for Regular Checkups and Detailing
Counted cash after events, Placed Online Orders, Handled Mail and Shipping
Handled just about anything to make life easier for Principals, including an Out of State Move

Conversational English Teacher 1994-2002

Taught Conversational English to 75 students weekly, ages ranging from 3-80
Created fun, Colorful and Engaging Games to use in the Classroom
Used short stories for Heartfelt and Lively Adult Classes
Created an opportunity for a Home Stay in the US for one of my Top Students

Academics, Certifications & Other Coursework

Texas A&M University, Bachelor of Science, College Station, TX 1988
Institute for Aerobic Research, Intern, Dallas, TX 1988
Ongoing Monthly Online Education since 2001
Certified Home Staging Expert since 2004
AHA Certification for Heartsaver, First Aid, CPR, AED, current
Personal Trainer Education Certification, Cooper Institute 2011
Certified Usui & Seichim Reiki Master, 2007
Basic & Intermediate Integrated Energy Therapy Certification, 2006
Interior Design, Collin College 2004
History of Furniture, Collin College 2004
Survey of Architectural History, TAMU 1986
Environmental Design I & II, TAMU 1986
Design Media I & II, TAMU 1986


Middle East: Israel
Asia: Japan, Korea
Europe: Belgium, France, England, Wales, Scotland, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Finland
South America: Argentina
North America: Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Tennessee, Virginia, California, Washington, Washington DC, Illinois, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Hawaii, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Kansas, Oregon, Massachusetts, Mexico